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Bioequivalence Study

With more than 100+ studies conducted, Biometrik Riset Indonesia has built a brand of excellence in conducting Bioequivalence (BE) studies to support generic drugs.

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Clinical Research

Clinical trials are research studies intended to answer scientific questions and find better ways to treat or prevent diseases

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Biometrik Riset Indonesia Commitment to Bioequivalence Study

Effi Setiawati - Operation Director

Bioequivalence study is very beneficial in the pharmaceutical industry and the wider community in general, therefore Biometrik Riset Indonesia is always committed to being a reliable and affordable laboratory with high validity of test results and quality according to national and international regulations.

More About Biometrik Riset Indonesia

The Reasons Why You Choose to Use Biometrik Services

We are a Contract Research Organization in Bioequivalence Studies and Clinical Trial.

  • Bioanalytical Lab Services At Industry Leading Turnaround
  • Tailor-Made, High-Value Bioanalysis Services For Biotech
  • Preclinical/Clinical Bioanalysis On Your Drugs
  • Bioanalytical Solutions For Small And Large Molecules
  • The validity of the results can be justified
  • Free Preliminary Consulting with our expert team
  • Effective project management
  • In-Depth understanding of Local Regulatory (BPOM and Ethics Committee)


What Our Client Say

Our Happy Customers

With adequate clinical and laboratory facilities, Bioequivalence testing is carried out in accordance with applicable guidelines with a relatively fast timeline. Breaking code product is done comprehensively and clearly. Bioequivalence test report provided on time.

Bintang Agustri GultomRegulatory Affairs Manager - PT Amarox Pharma Global

The process of implementing the Bioequivalence study in Biometrics runs according to a mutually agreed timeline. During the development and preparation process of the Bioequivalence study Product, Biometrics can be a good discussion partner in providing input regarding the critical parameters of the Test Product that can affect the success of the Bioequivalence Study.  

Harbani IndriartoRnD Manager - PT Promed Rahardjo


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Breaking Fast Together: The Warm and Joyful Atmosphere of Iftar at PT Biometrik Riset Indonesia

Gathering for iftar isn't just about filling stomachs; it's about filling hearts with happiness and togetherness. At PT Biometrik Riset Indonesia, this moment isn't just a ritual; it's more like an eagerly anticipated feast.

Imagine a scene filled with tantalizing aromas wafting from the kitchen, enthusiastic smiles from coworkers, and laughter echoing through the air. That's the vibe during iftar. Everyone, from different backgrounds and positions, pitches in to prepare delicious dishes to be enjoyed together.

And as the time to break fast draws near, the atmosphere becomes even livelier. Ev...

PT Biometrik's 2024 Debut: Strengthening Bioequivalence Partnerships with Sukabumi and Tangerang Pharma Giants

writer and editor : Chyntia Ayu Maulina

Sukabumi and Tangerang, February 23, 2024 - PT Biometrik, a leading bioequivalence testing laboratory, embarked on its inaugural visit in 2024 to key pharmaceutical sponsors in Sukabumi and Tangerang. The purpose of the visit was to discuss the readiness of drug formulas slated for bioequivalence testing and to strengthen the bonds of collaboration with industry partners.

Representatives from PT Biometrik engaged in productive discussions with major pharmaceutical companies, including PT Simex and PT Promed in Sukabumi, as well as PT Lapi in Tangerang. T...

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