Biometrik Has Completely Reported The Successful Bioequivalence Result of Five Amlodipine Products

Writer: Balqist Nadia Rahmah; Editor: Oktaviani Utami Dewi.

Depok, August 31st 2023- Biometrik successfully completed the Amlodipine Bioequivalence study for group one consisting of five pharmaceutical industries from fifteen pharmaceutical industries participating in the Facilitation of Local Change Source Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) from the Ministry of Health. The five pharmaceutical industries that are members of group one include:

  1. PT Imedco Djaja
  2. PT Interbat
  3. PT Ikapharmindo Putramas
  4. PT Harsen Laboratories, and
  5. PT Kimia Farma Tbk

All bioequivalence studies of the pharmaceutical industry above were completed before the due date with the results of test drugs is Bioequivalence in terms of both rate and extent of absorption to the reference drug.

Submission of Bioequivalence Study Amlodipine Results for the Pharmaceutical Industry of Group One Facilitation Participants Local Change Source API was carried out by Mr. Roy Himawan, S.Farm, Apt, M.K.M as Director of Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Security, Directorate General of Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia.

Here’s the photo session with Mr. dr. Dante Saksono Harbuwono, Sp.PD, PhD, KEMD as Vice Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia; Mr. Roy Himawan, S.Farm, Apt, M.K.M as Director of Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Security; Mr. M. Handoko Boedi Soetrisno President Director of PT Biometrik Riset Indonesia; and Five Industries of Group One.

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Mr. Handoko expressed his gratitude and message for this achievement, "Because of our cooperation, we can accomplish this great achievement. It's a victory for all of us. Moving forward, Biometrik!".

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The submission of BE study results was carried out at the Indonesia Local Production Conference (ILPC) held in Semarang on August 29th-31st, 2023. The ILPC event was attended by more than 300 participants from various practitioners including Ministries / Research Institutions, Hospitals, Organizations and Associations, Pharmaceutical Startups, Venture Capital Companies, Medical Device Researchers, Medical Device Industry, and Pharmaceutical Industry. ILPC held a Conference, Focus Group Discussion on various topics, Business Matching, and Exhibition which was attended by 77 Health Industries and 21 Pharmaceutical Industries.

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