Breaking Ground: PT Biometrik Riset Indonesia's Vital Role in Advancing Pharma at National Work Meeting 2023

Writer and Editor : Chyntia Ayu Maulina

Solo, September 11, 2023* - The Indonesian Pharmaceutical Consortium (GP Farmasi) achieved a remarkable milestone with the successful organization of the National Work Meeting 2023 in Solo, held from September 8th to 9th, 2023. The event brought together pharmaceutical companies and stakeholders from across the nation, providing a valuable platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and collaboration within the pharmaceutical industry.

PT Biometrik Riset Indonesia, a rapidly evolving Bioequivalence Laboratory in Indonesia, proudly participated in this significant event as one of the sponsors. PT Biometrik not only showcased its dedication to advancing pharmaceutical research and development but also aimed to introduce itself to the pharmaceutical companies operating in Indonesia.

At the heart of their sponsorship was a commitment to contributing to the growth and innovation of the pharmaceutical sector in Indonesia. PT Biometrik Riset Indonesia's presence at the National Work Meeting was warmly received by attendees, who expressed a keen interest in learning more about the company's Bioequivalence Testing services. Many participants seized the opportunity to inquire about the Uji Bioequivalensi (Bioequivalence Testing) offered by PT Biometrik Riset Indonesia.

Mrs. Effi Setiawati, Director at PT Biometrik Riset Indonesia, expressed his enthusiasm about the event, stating, "We are thrilled to have sponsored the National Work Meeting 2023. It allowed us to engage with industry leaders and share our expertise in Bioequivalence Testing. We are committed to contributing to the advancement of the pharmaceutical sector in Indonesia."

The National Work Meeting 2023 marked an essential step forward in fostering collaboration and innovation within the Indonesian pharmaceutical industry. GP Farmasi, with its successful event, has further strengthened its position as a driving force behind the country's pharmaceutical advancements.

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