HALAL BI HALAL: Forgiving each other, strengthening friendship to maintain harmony between employees of PT Biometrik Riset Indonesia

Writer & Editor : Rizky Puspita Dewi

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Halal bihalal is a unique tradition that is carried out by many Indonesian people during Eid al-Fitr. The words "halal bi halal" come from Arabic which means "holy with holy" or "halal with halal". This tradition includes meeting and mutual forgiveness between individuals after completing fasting and celebrating Eid al-Fitr.

PT Biometrik Riset Indonesia also does the same thing every year. This year the halal bi halal event was attended by all employees from director level to staff. This event began with a meal together at Shabu Hachi followed by a mutual forgiveness event. Because in reality, work relationships between one employee and another cannot be free from mistakes and sins. So that this important moment can be a moment to forgive each other's sins, strengthen relationships, so that harmony remains between employees with one another.

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