Preparation of Biometric Medical Laboratory: A Step Towards Innovation and Quality


Depok, 05/23/2024 — Biometrik Riset Indonesia, a Contract Research Organization that currently focuses on Bioavailability and Bioequivalence (BA/BE) testing, will expand its business line by developing medical laboratories to support various laboratory activities with advanced technology and instruments as well as experienced human resources. Biometrik Medical Laboratory is equipped with a Sysmex Xn 330 hematology analyzer, Indiko chemistry analyzer, and Dirui Fus-1000 urine analyzer. With the support of these instruments, Biometrik Medical Laboratory is ready to perform various diagnostic tests with high standards, accuracy, and precision to produce valid data. The Biometric Medical Laboratory is currently in the preparation process to obtain ISO 15189:2022 accreditation which will be published by the National Accreditation Committee (KAN). This accreditation is an international standard to guarantee the competence and quality of medical laboratories and ensure that all procedures and examination results meet the highest service requirements. Several activities carried out by the Biometric Medical Laboratory to fulfill these quality management requirements include personnel training for all laboratory instruments used, implementing quality management documents in daily work, and conducting internal audits. Operations Director Biometrik Riset Indonesia, Dra. Effi Setiawati, M.M., M.Biomed stated, "This medical laboratory is an important step in our commitment to support BA/BE testing with the latest technology. "By preparing ISO 15189 accreditation, we are determined to provide accurate and reliable diagnostic results, to improve the quality of our research." This medical laboratory is prepared to support testing in the BA/BE laboratory, making it a research and development center that supports innovation in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. With this new facility, Biometrik Riset Indonesia hopes to collaborate with various institutions to develop more advanced health technology.

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