PT Biometrik's 2024 Debut: Strengthening Bioequivalence Partnerships with Sukabumi and Tangerang Pharma Giants

writer and editor : Chyntia Ayu Maulina

Sukabumi and Tangerang, February 23, 2024 - PT Biometrik, a leading bioequivalence testing laboratory, embarked on its inaugural visit in 2024 to key pharmaceutical sponsors in Sukabumi and Tangerang. The purpose of the visit was to discuss the readiness of drug formulas slated for bioequivalence testing and to strengthen the bonds of collaboration with industry partners.

Representatives from PT Biometrik engaged in productive discussions with major pharmaceutical companies, including PT Simex and PT Promed in Sukabumi, as well as PT Lapi in Tangerang. The primary focus of the meetings was to ensure the seamless preparation and testing of drug formulations for bioequivalence, a crucial step in the drug development process.

During the visit, both PT Simex and PT Promed expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, emphasizing the importance of reliable bioequivalence testing in bringing quality pharmaceutical products to the market. PT Lapi in Tangerang also welcomed the initiative, highlighting the significance of fostering strong partnerships within the industry.

The discussions went beyond immediate testing needs, with participants actively exploring future prospects and potential areas for research collaboration. PT Biometrik shared insights into the latest advancements in bioequivalence testing technologies and affirmed its commitment to maintaining high standards in the pharmaceutical testing landscape.

Mrs. Effi Setiawati, the Director of PT Biometrik, expressed her gratitude for the warm reception and collaborative spirit during the visits. She stated, "Our visit is not just about conducting tests; it's about building lasting relationships. Together with our esteemed partners, we aim to contribute to the advancement of pharmaceutical research and development in Indonesia."

In anticipating a collaborative future, PT Biometrik and partners aim to enhance drug formulation efficacy and safety, propelling the pharmaceutical industry to new heights. The visit ended positively, with plans for ongoing consultations and knowledge-sharing sessions to strengthen synergy. The active involvement of key personnel underscores PT Biometrik's commitment to lasting relationships and advancing pharmaceutical research in Indonesia.

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