WELCOME Our New Instrument Waters LCMS-MS Xevo TQ-S Micro

Writer & Editor : Andi Darmawan

As a form of Biometrik seriousness in carrying out business in the field of bioequivalence, we added 1 new instrument to meet the analysis needs in the Biometrik’s laboratory.

From the inherently robust Xevo family of tandem quadrupole instruments, the Xevo TQ-S micro provides superior performance per square inch and exceptional analytical flexibility. The Xevo TQ-S micro is able to reproduce high quality analytical performance injection after injection, even with the most complex sample matrices. Reliable instrument operation maximizes laboratory efficiency, delivering outstanding sensitivity for such a compact instrument.

WhatsApp Image 2023-12-26 at 17.00.26.jpeg Waters LCMS/MS Xevo TQ-S Micro

This Waters Xevo TQ-S Micro mass spectrometer is a revolutionary tandem quadrupole design for small spaces, delivering consistent low levels of quantitation with a wide dynamic range, providing: o Robust performance for reproducible detection of analytes at low levels in complex biological liquid sample matrices o Confidence to quantify more analytes using high acquisition rates o Accessible sensitivity and method transfer with the Xtended Dynamic Range detector o Understand sample complexity and improve method development with RADAR o Clinical laboratories now have access to the selectivity, sensitivity, and versatility of LC-MS/MS analysis not seen using traditional techniques o Waters follows international quality standards with respect to its medical devices o Accurate analysis of most pesticides and mycotoxins

Robust performance begins in the source with Z-Spray geometry, efficiently removing neutral molecules while drawing ions through the sample cone into the analyzer. The StepWave ion guide in the Xevo TQ-S micro is designed to cope with the challenges in the modern laboratory that are produced by high sample throughput and difficult matrices. Neutrals and gas load are passively removed for enhanced transmission with the ions actively transferred into the mass analyzer, improving sensitivity and robustness.

WhatsApp Image 2023-12-26 at 16.59.56.jpeg Instrument Room of Biometrik's Laboratory

Currently Biometrik's laboratory has 5 LCMS-MS and 1 HPLC. With many advantages of this instrument and with the complete instruments we have, it can support analytical needs and new molecules that are being developed, Biometrik is very confident that we can work together with the pharmaceutical industries, especially in the field of bioequivalence which we carry out.

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